Panama-kanalen, Costa Rica, Ecuador och Peru


En resa till Central Amerikas juveler

Vi börjar med två nätter i Panama City och därefter går vi ombord på Silver Cloud Expedition för en 11 dagars lyxkryssning. Vi avslutar sedan vår resa med två nätter i Lima.


1) Fredag 12.10

Vi träffas på Helsingfors-Vanda flygfällt  kl 16.30 för att ta KLM:s flyg till Amsterdam kl 18.15. Vi anländer till Amsterdam kl 19.45 och har sedan transfer till vårt hotell nära flygfältet.

2) Lördag 13.10

Vi äter frukost på hotellet och beger oss till flygfältet ca 10.30. Vårt flyg till Panama City avgår kl 12.55 och vi landar kl 16.45 lokal tid. På kvällen äter vi en välkomstmiddag.

3) Söndag 14.10

Efter frukosten åker vi på en halv-dags rundtur i Panama City. Kvällen fri.

4) Måndag 15.10 

Vi checkar ut från vårt hotel och åker till Colon där vi på eftermiddagen boardar Silver Cloud Expedition. Ombord är det full service. All mat alla drycker även champagne och alla utflykter ingår under resan. Fartyget avgår kl 17.00.

5) Tisdag 16.10

Idag åker vi genom Panama kanalen.

6) Onsdag 17.10

Idag kommer vi till PARIDA ISLAND:

The island is located within an important marine corridor used by turtles, humpback whales and hammerhead sharks and boasts excellent sandy beaches that invite to relax as well as warm and crystal clear water to explore snorkeling, looking for more than 40 types of hard and soft coral and some 85% of the fish families of the Tropical Eastern Pacific.

7) Torsdag 18.10 GOLFITO (Costa Rica)

Golfito, is situated along a small inlet of Golfo Dulce. This small port city is a narrow strip along Golfito Bay backed against steep green hills covered with pristine rainforest, with the Golfo Dulce seaward outside Golfito Bay. Surrounded by tropical rainforest, Golfito provides an ideal location to escape from your hectic schedule and enjoy some of the most beautiful beaches in Costa Rica with a stunning backdrop of verdant hills and lush rainforest. Follow a trail through the densely forested Golfito National Wildlife Refuge to observe rare flora and fauna, and emerge at a scenic outlook.

8) Fredag 19.10 QUEPOS (Costa Rica)

Quepos allows tourists to experience a once in a lifetime nature experience in Manuel Antonio National Park without leaving any of the familiar amenities behind. The close proximity of the park, located just 4.3 miles (7 km) to the south, and a wide array of services makes Quepos the perfect place to visit for those who wish to explore this enchanting area. The amenities available include everything from banks, restaurants, hotels, gift shops, bakeries, bars, a hospital, supermarket and even a post office. The area was once dependent on banana plantations which used to line the surrounding.

9) Lördag 20.10 EN DAG PÅ HAVET

While we're at sea, enjoy wine tastings, designer boutiques, language and dance classes. Take in a matinee movie, check the market or your e-mail in the Internet Point, slip away with a novel from the library to a sunny chaise or with a movie to your suite. Or just take in the sun pool side. The choice is yours.

10) Söndag 21.10  ISLA DE LA PLATA (Ecuador)

Isla de la Plata translates to ‘Island of Silver’, and the name was derived from the legend of swashbuckling pirate Sir Francis Drake’s buried silver treasure. The popular legend states that in the 16th century, hundreds of tons of silver and gold were never fully recovered and are still hidden on the island. The island was privately owned until 1979, when it was declared part of Ecuador’s Machalilla National Park. Best known for its fauna, which is amazingly similar to that of the Galapagos Islands, Isla de la Plata is a delightful place for birding, photography and long nature walks.

11) Måndag 22.10 MACHALA (Ecuador)

Several National Sanctuaries and Ecological Reserves found near Machala boast sun-drenched beaches and mangrove forests. Pelicans, frigatebirds, and egrets nest nearby as Blue-footed Boobies dive for fish further out to sea. Whales and dolphins can occasionally be seen in the vicinity. Machala, with a population of approximately 250,000 inhabitants, is moreover known for traditional Latin American foods from shrimp ceviche to fried bananas. In fact, bananas feature heavily in the culture as the city is also known as the “Capital of the Banana.” During the third week of September the ‘World.

12) Tisdag 23.10 EN DAG PÅ HAVET

13) Onsdag 24.10 CRUISE ISLA LOBOS DE TIERRA (Peru)

Isla Lobos de Tierra and Lobos de Afuera are steep and rocky islands that protrude more than 200 feet from the surface of the deep blue Pacific. An abundant array of marine mammals and seabirds surround these two islands. Sea lions bask on the beach and hundreds of Blue-footed Boobies can be viewed ashore as well, while Peruvian Pelicans pass overhead. Lucky visitors may see the rare blue whale pass by these islands.

14) Torsdag 25.10 SALAVERRY

Located about nine hours north of Lima, Trujillo was founded in 1534 by the Spanish conquistador Pizarro. The attractive, colonial city retains much of its original charm with elegant casonas, or mansions, lining the streets. Nearby is Chan Chan, the ancient capital of the Chimú, a local Indian tribe who came under the rule of the Incas. The area has several other Chimú sites, some dating back about 1500 years. The region is also famous as the home of the Peruvian Paso horses, as well as excellent beaches offering world-class surfing and other water sports.

15) Fredag  26.10 CALLAO ( LIMA)

When people discuss great South American cities, Lima is often overlooked. But Peru's capital can hold its own against its neighbors. It has an oceanfront setting, colonial-era splendor, sophisticated dining, and nonstop nightlife.It's true that the city—clogged with traffic and choked with fumes—doesn't make a good first impression, especially since the airport is in an industrial neighborhood. But wander around the regal edifices surrounding the Plaza de Armas, among the gnarled olive trees of San Isidro's Parque El Olivar, or along the winding lanes in the coastal community of Barranco.

16) Lördag 27.10

Efter frukosten gör vi en hel dags rundtur i Lima. Avskedsmiddag på kvällen.

17) Söndag 28.10

På kvällen avfärd till Amsterdam med KLM.

18) Måndag 29.10

Vi kommer på eftermiddagen till Amsterdam och i väntan på vårt flyg till Helsingfors får vi använda en lounge. Vi anländer strax för midnatt till Helsingfors-Vanda flygfällt.


Priserna är garanterade till den 5 januari 2018 efter det kan priserna komma att ändras. Bokningen av fartygets sviter sker samtidig ni bokar er resa. Kategorierna kan inte garanteras före bokning och betalning.

En anmälningsavgift på 30 % av resans pris sker vid bokningstillgället (5 dagar) och resterande 70% betalas 90 dagar före resan.

I Veranda Suite kategori 6980 € per person ingår:

  • Butler service
  • Refrigerator and bar setup stocked with your preferences
  • Pratesi® fine bed linens
  • A choice of pillows
  • Plush Etro® bathrobe
  • Personalised stationary
  • Umbrella
  • BVLGARI® bath amenities, plus a choice of other European brands
  • iHome Radio / Alarm charging station (with USB cable or Qi wireless charging), NFC Bluetooth connectivity
  • Direct dial telephone(s) 
  • Dual voltage 110/220 outlets
  • WiFi Internet access am hour per day
  • Flat-screen television(s) with Interactive Media Library 
  • Teak veranda with patio furniture and floor-to-ceiling glass doors
  • Sitting area
  • Twin beds or queen-sized bed
  • Marbled bathroom with shower (some with bath/shower combination)
  • Walk-in wardrobe with personal safe
  • Hair dryer
  • Writing desk

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Fakta och bra att veta om resan

I priset ingår:

  • Flygresa Helsingfors-Amsterdam-Panama City och Lima-Amsterdam-Helsingfors med KLM i ekonomi klass.
  • Transferer till och från hotellet och till och från fartyget
  • Logi 2 nätter på 4 stjärnigt hotell i Panama City och 2 nätter på 4 stjärnigt hotell i Lima
  • 11 nätter kryssning ombord på Silverseas Silver Cloud Expedition i vald svit kategori. All mat och dryck samt alla utflykter som anordnas av fartyget samt föreläsningar av mycket kunniga föreläsare om de olika destinationerna på engelska.
  • Alla inträden och bäraravgifter
  • Reseledares tjänster

I priset ingår ej:

  • Tillägg för enkelrum och svit. Pris på begäran
  • Möjlighet till Business class flyg.